12 years a slave

"Normally, I wouldn't really care what Kanye West said about slavery or black history."
Escaping bondage Prompted to action by the Crafts' plight, Boston's black community gathered to plan their opposition to
I feel that some Black people push back on Roots 2016, saying we need more diverse Black stories other than slave or civil rights narratives as if we don't have any other type of stories being told. I completely agree that we do need more diverse stories, and more often, but there are other Black stories being told.
Let's be clear: The institution of slavery took thousands, if not millions, of Black lives. The institution of slavery is never to be lauded or celebrated. But the people who were enslaved? These people are nothing to be ashamed of.
The more male CEOs and corporate recruiters see women launching and leading thriving companies, the more change will accelerate. As Sheila Johnson has it, just imagine the innovation and new products and services that change will unleash.
Forthcoming Book: On the Pleasures of Owning Persons: the Hidden Face of American Slavery (May 2016). With his customary
Traces of this other Washington are everywhere. As the new capital was rising from former woods and swampland, slaves labored on many of its buildings, including the White House and the Capitol.
Since winning the Oscar for her brutal role in 12 Years A Slave, Lupita Nyong'o has become a fashion icon and recently starred