Ariana Grande performed "Dangerous Woman" with Jason Robert Brown at the MTV Movie Awards. Jason Robert Brown did the music and lyrics for 13, the show in which Ariana Grande made her Broadway debut.
This is not a dig to say that all of Brown's music sounds the same, but simply to say that right now, in this moment, Brown is doing what he does best.
I noticed him leaning up against the door jamb as I entered the kitchen. He was tall, wore a white t-shirt and Levis and had his left ear pierced. He told me it was his 29th birthday. After a guessing game of how old I was, I revealed that I was 13.
Full Segment: Mike speaks with Kelli Higgins who shot the "newborn" photos of Latrell, her 13-year-old adopted son, after he told her he had always wanted baby photos of himself.
Kenneth said he immediately tried to track down the owner of the bag using information from a driver's license he found in
When an Illinois man donated a few old suits to Goodwill, he didn't bother checking the pockets for loose change or receipts
Sam Riley shows up in 13, a remake of a French film from six years ago, and, unfortunately, his character's survival is the death of the movie's chances of holding your interest.
Take a look and tell us what you think. Hold up. The $14,000 dress? That's right, mom and dad. Racked has drawn our attention
George Ervin Perdue has held a public prayer meeting for rain. And personally asked "God" to intervene. That should probably do it.