13 reasons why

The controversial teen drama has been picked up for a fourth and final season ahead of the Season 3 premiere.
The popular young adult drama has been linked to a rise in suicide rates among teens.
A new study confirms what experts have been worried about: The Netflix show's detailed depiction of suicide can lead to contagion.
ABC's new drama insists that everything happens for a reason. Even, apparently, suicide.
Two stomach-churning events, featured back-to-back in the last episode, have divided viewers.
The actress struggles to prioritize herself, but she's found ways to make it work.
A heartfelt congrats to Rutina, Brandon, Gia ... and more!
Major hits like “Big Little Lies” and “Game of Thrones” made 2017 a banner year for television.
When Netflix released 13 Reasons Why in March of 2017, public response was mixed. Many believed the series glamorized suicide
"My cousin teaches third grade and they’re doing things and saying things that I couldn’t even fathom."
Our Platinum Age of Television is as fragile as it is delectable.
The executive producer of "13 Reasons Why" is facing similar backlash over the show's content.