14th amendment

“There are no longer any innocent explanations” for what Trump did, constitutional law scholar Alan B. Morrison said.
Residents of Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories have been denied equal rights, including the right to vote, because they were considered “uncivilized race[s].”
The actor said on “Pod Save America" that he's "optimistic" and "hopeful" about the future of the country.
President Donald Trump is looking to change the U.S. constitution and do away with birthright citizenship.
Laurence Tribe calls out the president for trying to "reverse the outcome of the Civil War" and rewrite the 14th Amendment.
A "men's rights" group argues the Military Selective Service Act violates the equal-protection clause in the Constitution.
“Our Constitution is a bipartisan document, designed to endure for ages,” George Conway and Neal Katyal wrote in an op-ed.
“Well, you obviously cannot do that,” the House speaker said.
Since the lawsuits and countersuits between the state of North Carolina and federal government, an interesting question arose in a New York Times article: "Can a law written in the heat of the civil rights movement generations ago, apply to people its drafters never intended to cover?"
As members of Congress -- as well as one candidate for the presidency -- repeatedly speak about rolling back women's reproductive rights, it's time to take a hard look at the actual status of women in the United States.