14th amendment repeal

From Dred Scott to the Chinese Exclusion Act, America has a dark history of trying to deny citizenship to certain groups.
We still suffer racial bigotry in 2012, and while I do believe that we must address the infrastructure costs of illegal ilmmigration
So how is it that a candidate for the presidency of the United States can simultaneously proclaim allegiance to the very office and country he has hinted at leaving?
Passage of the DREAM Act, which Sen. Hatch once strongly supported (but seems to have conveniently left off his current comprehensive
But for some reason, when I have something to say, it seems that a lot of people listen. Yes, often times it is to ridicule
Does the U.S. Constitution grant Americans citizens too many rights? That seems to be the conclusion reached by some tea
Though the final details have not been hammered out, and the Arizona Republic reports that any such bill would not be proposed
One cannot help but note an eerie similarity between the birthright debates raging in the US and the State of Israel. Both nations are badly in need of resetting their immigration policies in the face of a rapidly globalizing planet.
Most recently, some politicians and concerned citizens have expressed a desire to amend the 14th Amendment of our Constitution
If we had any sense, the fall elections would be about just one thing: the economy. But we do not have any sense. We are
Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle recently said that "Congress needs to become involved" in the "anchor baby
"The idea that anchor babies somehow require changing the 14th Amendment, I part ways with the Senators on that because I
(A Kyl spokesperson told CBS News on Monday that he supports hearings into the issue, "he did not call for the 'repeal' of