$15 an hour

The party plans to take up legislation early in 2019, even if it won't go far with Republicans holding the Senate and White House.
Labor groups have been demanding a wage hike for months.
Should progressives fight for $15, or play it safe with $12? It's hard to tell with the Democratic front-runner.
Even though New York got much of the attention (they actually scheduled their signing ceremony before California), the California law is much more interesting -- not so much for the statewide aspect, but rather for the way it was enacted.
And now hospital workers are joining the cause.
This week's talking points are all, essentially, rebuttals to the biggest nonsense espoused on the stage of the fourth Republican debate. It was hard to pick only seven, as there was a bumper crop of nonsense in this particular debate, so forgive us if your favorite didn't make the cut.
The Economic Policy Institute estimates that an increase in the federal minimum wage to $10.10/hour would raise the wage of nearly 30 million workers, increase GDP by around $32 billion during the phase-in period, and create 140,000 net new jobs over that period.