16 and pregnant

The Michigan mother, formerly on "16 and Pregnant," suffered postpartum anxiety and depression after a second baby.
The former reality star leaves behind her 7-year-old daughter.
Nikkole Paulun, star of "16 and Pregnant," has been both praised and slammed for her dinner dates with her son.
'Teen Mom' star and tabloid staple Jenelle Evans stepped out this week in NYC and is unrecognizable.
Here's a shocker: Virginity is cooler than it used to be among teens and young adults. At least that's what entertainment giant MTV, creator of Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant, is hoping as it aired this week the first of a series called Virgin Territory featuring 15 young women and men in their late teens and early 20s who haven't had sex.
Reality TV star Farrah Abraham joins HuffPost Live to explain why if she could do it all over again, she'd try to be wealthy without being famous.
“There’s other kids that have worked harder for more better accomplishments,” Gomez told the Republic. In response, angry
By Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times In the struggle to break cycles of poverty, experts have been searching for decades
Who said reality TV was a bad influence on kids? A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that two
They found in their analysis that "'16 and Pregnant' led to more searches and tweets regarding birth control and abortion
If shows like 16 and Pregnant motivate teens to think and talk seriously with their friends, partners and parents about sex and pregnancy, that's a good thing. Teens need -- indeed are hungry for -- deeper knowledge about sex, pregnancy and pregnancy prevention.
The show makes real what some would-be teen moms might otherwise fail to see -- that becoming a mom is not a way out but brings its own hardships and struggles.
Of course, Zabrocki can't block the production from filming on private property, so his opposition is largely symbolic especially