17th amendment

A widespread sentiment among more extreme conservatives -- including a surprising number of prominent Republican candidates, former candidates, office holders, and former office holders -- is that the 17th Amendment should be repealed.
I would absolutely support it. I supported term limits, for instance, when I was in the State Senate. If we had term limits
"The ALEC Board of Legislators determined the model policy not germane to ALEC's mission of free markets, limited government
Repealing the 17th Amendment -- and returning to the days when U.S. senators were elected not by the people but by state legislatures -- is an idea that has gained popularity in some right-wing circles in recent years. This week the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council may throw its support behind model legislation that would dramatically weaken the amendment.
Support for repealing the 17th Amendment was higher among self-identified "very conservative" respondents and those who consider
The measure could also lead to shenanigans by state legislatures. For instance, a GOP-controlled legislature could nominate
It was exactly one hundred years ago that the 17th Amendment was enacted to shift the election of senators from state legislatures to the voters of each state. This is a largely forgotten episode of American political history, but its effects still resonate down until today.
Under Niceley's proposal, which he introduced in February, party nominees for U.S. Senate seats would be chosen by state
"The accountability of state legislators is so much more than federal legislators," Woodall says at the forum. "You think
Former New Hampshire state Rep. Bob Kingsbury (R-Laconia) told The Huffington Post in 2012 that his bill would allow a return