17th amendment repeal

But ALEC spokeswoman Molly Fuhs said this week that ultimately, the policy was not adopted. ALEC's decision not to endorse
Repealing the 17th Amendment -- and returning to the days when U.S. senators were elected not by the people but by state legislatures -- is an idea that has gained popularity in some right-wing circles in recent years. This week the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council may throw its support behind model legislation that would dramatically weaken the amendment.
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In early December, a group of ALEC members are scheduled to consider supporting a range of potential new model legislation
Under Niceley's proposal, which he introduced in February, party nominees for U.S. Senate seats would be chosen by state
Republican state legislators in Georgia who want to cease direct elections of United States senators apparently have an ally
"These candidates are being refreshingly honest when they say that voters cannot be trusted to choose their senator," he
Democrats were quick to criticize Hoekstra's views, saying that any move to repeal the 17th Amendment would ultimately lead
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Does the U.S. Constitution grant Americans citizens too many rights? That seems to be the conclusion reached by some tea
Here is the DSCC's ad: In a television advertisement released on Tuesday, the committee plays up remarks Buck made in June
The idea of repealing the 17th Amendment is a favorite among Tea Party goers in addition to being treated with credence by