The actress had a classic style and penchant for wearing expensive jewels.
Shout out to all the Donnas, Susans and Barbaras!
Once considered a Christmas classic, ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ is now recognized as an incredibly problematic song. So why are people trying to rehabilitate it?
Emoji may have a chance at comfortable feet thanks to this woman’s proposal.
For more, go here. US Pavilion Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 "The Architectural Imagination" Photo by Stefano Rubini
And I will mention people both from pop culture and important historical figures. And I will be purposefully mentioning only
As part of those discussions, we will look briefly to Countee Cullen's poem "Heritage," which Cullen opens with the line
"Futuristic man will live such a wonderful life! Everything will come to him so, so easily! If someone knocks at the door
During a fascinating conversation with Brand Director Johan Falk, he elaborated, "we are obviously very proud of coming from
TV dad Jim Anderson may be from the 1950s, but he could teach today's fathers a thing or two.
A haircut from a head hunter?
As scandals during my childhood went, this one had legs. I didn't understand it completely, but I could tell by my parents' tone it was bigger than the brouhaha about the Townsends refusing to pick up their dog poop, which had rocked Hamilton Avenue the summer before.
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I knew this day would come. Someone would ask what life was like back in the Dark Ages of my childhood, before there was air, dirt, and water, and what I think of these fast times. Whippersnappers.
You might remember some of these from your childhood.
I was a 14-year-old high school freshman when I began collecting guns. It was Chicago in 1958, a time before a metal detector had ever darkened a school doorway. Disciplinary problems in most American classrooms meant kids sneaking out without a hall pass or sticking old Juicy Fruit under their desks.
I learned a lot about modern parenthood when I watched my brother's kids for a week while he and his wife went on vacation. I stayed at their house, cooked the meals, and got their kids to and from school -- the same my brothers and I went to.