Balin's touchstone band provided the soundtrack to the '60s.
Way before the Grateful Dead, Garcia played a friend's birthday party. This is what it sounded like.
HuffPost was in Memphis, for our “Listen To America” bus tour. We spoke to former Sheriff Bill Morris, who arrested Martin Luther King’s assassin in 1968. He told us that there is "more stress" between law enforcement and the African-American community today than there was the 1960s.
As a spiritual person, I believe that peace begins within. If everyone tried to bring peace to their own personal lives, then
Rev. Blase Bonpane. (Office of the Americas) The Rev. Blase Bonpane, a Catholic priest and author of the new book, The Nicene
And I will mention people both from pop culture and important historical figures. And I will be purposefully mentioning only
With Molly McCloskey, CEO and President, Operation Respect. Thankfully, I don't have to wonder for long because our dear
More questions:​ University of California, Berkeley: Who are some notable alumni from UC, Berkeley? 1960s: How did ministers
If music is balm for the soul, what else might it be?
This is a tragedy that leaves us with little understanding of context or the process of change. Without a grasp of history
Although the band comes from the '60s -- formed in Palo Alto in 1965, the Dead became a quintessential San Francisco band
I hope that this summer, you are able to make time to tap into the arts and to stir creativity within yourself. Whether you're
These segments, while perhaps too rare for my personal tastes, allowed the Monkees to be seen as genuine people, as well
On Vietnam Moratorium Day in 1969, UCLA professor Warren H. Schmidt sat down to do his morning writing. What flowed onto the paper was a parable he called "Is It Always Right to Be Right?" In it, he examined the divisiveness that was tearing our country apart in the sixties.
Seventeen-year-old Robert Cenedella walked into his first class at the Art Students League of New York with a small-sized art pad. Scanning the room, Bob realized he was the youngest student in the classroom.
(Neil Young at his Laurel Canyon barn, circa 1969. Credit: Henry Diltz.) If I had a time machine, I'd head for Laurel Canyon
Nothing makes for a happier press moment than being in the same room with Iggy Pop and Jim Jarmusch, here at Cannes to launch Jarmusch's Gimme Danger, a documentary about the band The Stooges.
I'm a boomer and I've never understood the allure of tattoos. Back in the 1960s and early 1970s, tattoos were generally worn by the shorter-haired folks we called greasers, sworn enemies of the freaks and pseudo freaks.
In essence, Walski parted the Red Seas of bondage, opening up a passage to the Holy Land of Peace, Free Love, Milk and Honey
Poetry is the voice of the soul and can unleash your subconscious mind. One of the many beautiful aspects of poetry is that it has the ability to tap into your subconscious mind. It also gives you an opportunity to loosen up and allow yourself the freedom to express yourself.