Balin's touchstone band provided the soundtrack to the '60s.
Way before the Grateful Dead, Garcia played a friend's birthday party. This is what it sounded like.
HuffPost was in Memphis, for our “Listen To America” bus tour. We spoke to former Sheriff Bill Morris, who arrested Martin Luther King’s assassin in 1968. He told us that there is "more stress" between law enforcement and the African-American community today than there was the 1960s.
Perhaps I'm being overly simplistic and idealistic, but we all need to start somewhere. Situated in the corner of my desk
Rev. Blase Bonpane. (Office of the Americas) The Rev. Blase Bonpane, a Catholic priest and author of the new book, The Nicene
When I was born Dwight Eisenhower and Elvis Presley and Gamal Abdel Nasser and Jonas Salk were still alive. This is a strange
The Songs of Peter, Paul & Mary Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at Symphony Space Broadway at 95th Street Tickets, ranging in price
If you've seen the black and white photos taken inside Sproul during the sit-in, odds are that they were taken by me; very
If music is balm for the soul, what else might it be?
This time rather than petitioning power, we took it. We not only elected Harold Washington, but changed the face of the City