This video from Meredith Masony and Tiffany Jenkins is too real.
Style & Beauty
Oversized was clearly a major theme on designer mood boards for 2018.
Motherhood isn't what it used to be.
Queer Voices
It has been three decades since that photograph was snapped in the blazing Fire Island sun. I am powerless to bring any of those friends back. But I must remember their names. They must not be forgotten.
And I will mention people both from pop culture and important historical figures. And I will be purposefully mentioning only
Shyboy: Allee has so much style and creates so much art, she can't be contained to just music. For The Neutron Dance video
By no grand design, the last two books I've read--Philip Roth's American Pastoral and Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run--while
Los Angeles
Come on NIMBYs! Do I hear Dubai or Shanghai, anyone? Fuhgeddaboudit! Sound familiar? I live in Koreatown where the streets
Lately I've found myself in need of some color and happiness as earlier this month, I lost someone very close to me. In this person's absence I have found myself returning to the things that have brought me comfort over the years and one of the main sources of that comfort is Hallmark's Rainbow Brite property.
The planning of these outfits was critical in this young girl’s life.
Biggest Movie Trailers at Comic Con 2016 Stranger Things perhaps homages this beloved classic most. It’s the story of a troubled
I always thought "Take Me Home" was about suicide, but the hypnotic beat and distant (in a good way) vocals masked it into
Goa: it is more than a convenient crossword puzzle answer. Tucked into the West Coast of the Indian subcontinent, the tiny state is a former outpost of those seafaring people - the Portuguese. It was once known as the "Rome of the East" (Rome, minus pasta and Popes).
Buckaroo Banzai is ridiculous. He has too many jobs, too many friends, and way too much in common with other fictional characters in his genre, but the film walked a line between sincerity and self-parody that found its way into the hearts of millions on home video after the movie failed to find a theatrical audience.
Editors spent over a year making this mashup …and it was totally worth it!