On this edition of On the Rise, Simon Gilmore annoys his girlfriend, Donna, with a string of puns at IKEA. And "Joey Fatone" angers One Direction Fans.
As if we needed another reason to love the boys of One Direction!
God bless wonderful surprises and Harry Styles' total lack of dancing ability.
One Direction fans did not expect to leave a concert needing serious medical attention, but 47 Directioners were treated
Ever since the news broke that Davis was left in a coma after being shot at point-blank range by a classmate, thousands across
9. The Underwater Dance 10. The Let's-Keep-This-PG-13 Thrust 5. The Am-I-Line-Dancing? Step 1. The Window-Wiper 4. The Almost
1. HARRY STYLES Everyone knows that the first step to becoming a full-blown Directioner is being able to identify each member
The title for One Direction's first single from their new album, "Midnight Memories," has finally been announced. It's called
Morgan Spurlock, the director of One Direction's new documentary, "This Is Us," stopped by HuffPost Live on Thursday to talk
Writes the Sun, "Their global superstar status will be solidified with this booking. Bigwigs at the Victoria's Secret and
There's an epidemic affecting the world's youth in alarming numbers, and it comes in the form of five dashing British and
"A lot of people think that we only like them because [they're hot] and that's just not true," one girl said, with another
What was the mood in the office once everyone realized you were being dragged through the internet mud for a cover that your
Tour Sea of Shoes Blogger Jane Aldridge's Sweet Dallas Digs More on TeenVogue.com Celebrities Are Going Bananas for Braids
So, is it the best song ever? It's certainly catchy and, as Billboard notes, a bit risque. Here's one lyric you definitely