20 dollar bill

A Smithsonian curator notes how a heavy dose of social activism prompted the U.S. Treasury to honor historic social and political movements
We have to wait until 2020 (isn't that the same year, the raised minimum wage will actually start?) at which point paper money will be so rare and exotic that the significance of Harriet Tubman will probably remain as unknown as she is now to a lot of young people.
Aside from currency, there are other noteworthy historical and contemporary precedents for commemorating African-American
The North was overwhelmingly against slavery and opposed its spread to the West, but did not favor ending slavery in the South by force. The Underground Railroad changed that.
It would not be the last time “Old Hickory” broke the law and used violence to get what he wanted. The death march of indigenous
But as Hamilton is forced to share his place on the $10 bill, Jefferson remains safely ensconced on the $2 bill -- an all
Raven continued her statement by explaining why she would have chosen "someone closer to the progression that we're doing
Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the runner-up in the poll. It was Eleanor Roosevelt. Tubman