...Even though he didn't know if Hillary would "ever have a chance to run" for president.
In-car Wi-Fi is available on many new cars, including moderately priced Chevrolets. It's standard on every Buick. Audi, Chrysler
In 2004, Nate's partner was killed in the devastating tsunami during their visit to Sri Lanka. But he is "definitely a part of" Nate's marriage to Jeremiah Brent.
It seems to me that the human brain is wired for dissatisfaction. Exercising gratitude for where we are, and what we have can be a challenge.
The establishment of the SCC is unprecedented in recent years in that the world will now have a hybrid tribunal working in a country where the ICC has already opened investigations.
The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami killed more than 35,000 people in Sri Lanka, injuring more than 21,000. Over 1,000 children were orphaned and more than 7,000 children lost one parent.
We can assume that we are not as far along as we would be in the effort to provide equality if Mehlman, Rove, Bush, and McKinnon were as interested in their country as they were their own craven self interests and ambitions for power and money. Forgive them if you wish. I cannot.
Eric Resnick did not want to ask the question. He felt an obligation, though, because other reporters were avoiding the subject. They ought to have long ago confronted Ken Mehlman about the contradictions between his politics and his personal life.
John Coker, a homemade rocket enthusiast, has built--and launched--a set of rockets that resemble a giant 8-pack of Crayola
Lieberman is too egotistic (and from too blue of a state) to come out and admit that his sole purpose is to block reform from happening. But Michael Steele isn't.
Molly Ivins made us want to be our better selves and stand up and use our power. Two years after her death, she would be so proud that we finally woke up and worked to make this happen.
Several aspects of early voting present us with reminders of how voting occurred in the past. During colonial times elections
How can progressives channel our outrage over the prospect of an unqualified, dangerously far-right wing pitbull with lipstick like Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the presidency?
From a strategy perspective it is pretty simple. A large segment of the electorate is not comfortable with Obama yet. There
She then points to these critical findings from 2004: In late July, 2004, even AFTER that year’s Democratic Convention and
Examination of the "evidence" behind the threats showed them to be flimsy and out-of-date. That, together with the timing provides a very strong case for their being totally a concoction brewed for political gain.
So what would happen if the Electoral College tied? Well, it goes to the House of Representatives. And since the Democrats have an advantage in the House, you'd think "President Obama." But you'd be wrong.