2011–2012 Syrian uprising

Before, we failed Syria’s minorities; now, we're failing Myanmar's.
At least five children in the country's East Ghouta area have reportedly died awaiting medical care.
Turkish media reports said Orouba Barakat was investigating alleged torture in prisons run by the Syrian government.
A cease fire agreement is supposed to lead to a more stable, lasting political arrangement, hopefully a peace treaty, but
While the country has been fixated on the ever-growing Trump- Russia scandal, healthcare and the latest wacky Trump tweets
The White House calls it “self-defense,” and Russia has responded by threatening to shoot down American planes.
Law professor David Crane, who has a record of taking on the prosecution of war criminals, is keeping a detailed record of
By John J. Martin Americans now have a greater ability to access information than at any other time in history. Never before
We didn’t really make much of a dent in the total assets of the Syrian air force.
The U.S. can apply the lessons learned in Iraq to make Syria less disastrous.
After Syrian government forces allegedly perpetrated a sarin gas attack against civilians this week, the U.S. has once again
Chemistry should be a useful science in the service of human progress, for example using it for agricultural development
The Democratic Hawaiian congresswoman believes that the U.S. government is funding terror in the Middle East.
The document details how the president plans to deliver on his campaign promise of a Muslim ban.
The president plans to make good on one of his most discriminatory campaign promises.