2012: Our Election

With the ideology that success is unimportant and the man with experience redistributing wealth is more qualified to lead the nation than the wealth creator himself, Ayn Rand's prophesy is becoming disturbingly similar to reality.
Four years later, facing a slower than expected economic recovery and a congress that spends more time on anti-abortion legislation than investments to infrastructure, it does take audacity to hope.
Disaster could be looming on the horizon for the GOP.
I still have one remaining question: What exactly is this hope and change thing the President keeps mentioning?
Every amendment, every bill, every ballot and every choice divides us, Americans, into groups. It is no wonder why this 2012 election was so close -- whatever happened to united we stand?
Our country is moving forward in terms of open-mindedness and progressive ideals and finally -- albeit, slowly -- catching up to our neighbors to the north in Canada and many allies in Europe.
When the results come in tomorrow, I will not be thinking about Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, but instead the factors that make this election what I like to call the DUMB election. Here's why.
Today, the long Presidential race will finally be over as your friends and families head to the polls. Even though most of
There are two very distinct paths our country will choose from and it is more important than ever to cast a vote in this election.
Your political affiliation can be a personal preference, a deeply-held loyalty, a shifting intellectual construct and a partisan ideology all at once. We want to know if you decided to switch party allegiance in the past four years.