2013 inauguration

On the surface, Blanco's story is that of a Cuban-American boy trying to figure out where he belongs: geographically, culturally and sexually. But as he intimately and expertly related through his poetry, his emotional experiences are universal.
Whether or not Barack Obama realizes his transformational mission and becomes a great president depends not only on obvious challenges of everyday politics but how he deals with the uncertain future of American democracy.
My piece on Eric Cantor's people power conservatism is up on the site this morning. I toured a private school for low-income
Despite what President Obama called a "centuries-long debate about the role of government," the Constitution clearly defines a duty to "promote the general welfare."
Obama, like all second-term presidents, will only have a short window of time to push his issues. Which is why he is right to push his agenda immediately, as evidenced by his inaugural speech. However, while Obama has a lot of political capital right now, that could easily change soon.
I'm hoping for a flurry of retractions. A Marine spokesperson said yesterday that she couldn't confirm or deny that Beyoncé
He's barely a teen, but he's already covered a historic event.
Pop icon Lady Gaga and singer Tony Bennett were providing the entertainment. According to the pool report, the first lady
President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle -- along with first dog, Bo -- surprised a group touring the White House one
Inauguration Day certainly calls for patriotism, and our countrymen hit the national mall wearing lots of red, white and
Walking through the crowds of people made me smile, because we were all there for one reason: to serve others. I was surrounded by passionate change-makers and the positive energy was truly undeniable.
"We cannot mistake absolutism for principle, or substitute spectacle for politics or treat name-calling as reasoned debate
Newspapers around the world led with coverage of Barack Obama's inauguration on Tuesday. In the U.S., newspapers took similar
The AP reports: Before the inauguration ceremonies began, Dr. King's oldest son, Martin Luther King III, called it "an extraordinary
President Obama had a lot to celebrate on Monday, so it came as no surprise when the commander-in-chief let loose during
With the country drowning in debt, why go through such a costly and excessive ceremony for a guy who already has the job? If that sounds negative and anti-American to you, well, you're wrong. It isn't. It's anti-waste.