2013 super bowl

CORRECTION: Our inner 11-year-old is kicking us in the shins, since this article originally identified the brand of toy as
Most Super Bowl ads are quickly forgotten despite the glued eyeballs, dropped jaws and chuckling. I would argue that these ads do not drive sales; rather, they create unhappy customers.
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En route to earning MVP honors, Joe Flacco lit up the 49ers' defense, throwing for 287 yards and three touchdown passes. San
(GIF via imgur.com) Is this what pure joy looks like? But it was Brown's celebration that has been immortalized in this GIF
And that was describing the questionable no holding call in the endzone during the final two minutes - only the biggest play
He didn't get far, however, as a former teammate of Montana's, defensive back Ronnie Lott, made a hard tackle and delivered
F-bombs away... Flacco shined on the NFL's biggest stage, capping off a masterful postseason run. The five-year veteran out
If the referees had thrown a flag for defensive holding, pass interference or illegal contact then San Francisco would have
WATCH VIDEO ABOVE Although Tommy Callahan believes "Brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta hug," Jim and John Harbaugh
Leading 21-6 at halftime, the Ravens stretched their lead to 28-6 with a stunning 108-yard kickoff return by Jacoby Jones
First Lady Michelle Obama was one of millions watching Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, and like many, she stuck around during
As Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk pointed out, contact with an official should always result in an ejection. Florio wasn't
Prior to kickoff at this year's Super Bowl, the Sandy Hook Elementary School chorus sang "America the Beautiful" on the field
The AP reports: Watch Obama's interview with Scott Pelley above. During the live discussion, Obama addressed women in combat
President Barack Obama granted an interview to CBS News' Scott Pelley ahead of Super Bowl XLVII. The live interview, which
President Barack Obama sat down ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers
Ahead of Super Bowl XLVII, President Barack Obama sat down with CBS News' Scott Pelley for an interview. "It's going to be
"It's going to be a great game, I've got some wings waiting for me upstairs," Obama said. White House spokesman Jay Carney
"Washington cannot continually operate under a cloud of crisis," Obama said. "We can't afford these self-inflicted wounds