EVA:  I do feel something is happening right now though, like something is starting to shift.  Like we might be going back
Let's get on with the remaining 2016 best and worst awards. One warning: it's a very long column, so we encourage readers to pace themselves.
The establishment of the SCC is unprecedented in recent years in that the world will now have a hybrid tribunal working in a country where the ICC has already opened investigations.
I found that the main reason why they didn't vote last year was simple: They couldn't see any difference between the candidates. When there is no difference between the candidates, Democrats don't vote, and Democrats lose.
This year, your choice for NBA MVP isn’t an objectively reasoned decision.
As much as 2014 will be remembered by these seemingly unlinked events and tragedies, the common element to the widely publicized stories was the role of technology in causing the problem or the inability of technology to solve it.
Photographer and mother Fally Afani used a GoPro camera to film moments of her life every day in 2014. She then pieced together
These are not goofy little news items dealing with such inconsequential matters as health care, the midterm elections and various conflicts around the world. Rather, they are the kind of important, socially significant and absolutely true stories that are the lifeblood of this column.
As Americans revel in equality gains, we cannot forget that as LGBTI people, we are all members of a persecuted global minority with a responsibility towards one another, regardless of who we are or where we live.
Dear 2015. It's all yours now. I tried my best to keep my "worst of" list to a minimum, but we're talking Mother Nature and Mankind. And well, you know how that goes.
2014 was always destined to be a big year for Illinois politics, what with the big money spent on the gubernatorial race and waiting to hear what was going on with the new pension reform law. But it turned out to be way more exciting than anyone expected.
It's always darkest before the dawn With more experience, wisdom, education, training, a track record of success and more
Barack Obama's job approval polling numbers, at times, seem to follow seasonal trends. He usually loses ground in the summer, particularly in August. In winter, however, he usually gains ground. This year Obama seems likely to repeat this pattern, if December's numbers are any indication.
While the prospect of patching up the road ahead may be bumpy, especially when you trudge through the potholes of 2014, some past wisdom may help us along the way.
* Choral laments. Since 1998, there has been a 23 percentage point drop among white conservative evangelicals who heard a
From the U.S.'s first black female congresswoman, to a blind and trans Parliamentary candidate in England, to a bikini contest-winning Serbian councilwoman and cardiologist, the most remarkable female politicians of the year are united by a few key attributes: fearlessness, tenacity, and sharp political savvy.
Growth wasn't optional for me last year. Instead, it grabbed me by the lapels and tossed me around.
A controversial new fashion trend may be blinding… literally.
"I'm focusing on working harder on my schooling. I'm hoping that my degree will continue to help me to raise my financial