2014 state of the union

Obama took multiple opportunities to invite Republicans to clock in and earn their pay by working with him on an ambitious legislative agenda way over due.
This week we were told that the State of our Union is, as per usual, strong. President Obama, also as per usual, gave a solid speech. But it was hard to take it as much more than political theater (albeit theater with a wildly skewed entertainment-to-applause ratio). Given what we know about D.C. dysfunction, boilerplate bits like "let's work together" and "let's all come together" played like laugh lines. And despite the presidential exhortation, "let's make this a year of action," progress in Congress will more likely look like traffic in Atlanta in the wake of Tuesday's snowstorm. For some actual action, we'll have to tune into the Super Bowl, where even if the game is a dud, the commercials usually rock. Maybe next year's SOTU should include breaks featuring Scarlett Johansson or puppies and Clydesdales.
Uh...OK then! Thanks for this super-weird comment, Alex Castellanos!
He went on: "I would say that trying to free people from the bonds of al Qaeda is a good thing. That going into Afghanistan
HuffPost Live broadcasts Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers response to the State of the Union address.
Speaker of the House John Boehner reacts to Obama's 2014 State of the Union
President Obama delivers his State Of The Union address. He's expected to discuss income inequality, healthcare and much more. He will also detail his plans for what the White House is calling a "Year of Action'.
Uh...OK then! Thanks for this super-weird comment, Alex Castellanos! Newt Gingrich's face said it all: Watch the comment
Speaker John Boehner gave President Barack Obama a thumbs up at the State of the Union address when Obama noted he was the son of a barkeep.
In previous years, President Obama has used his platform to promote his "all of the above" energy plan, which includes significantly expanding domestic oil and gas production -- i.e. fracking -- thus betraying the promises he articulated in his nomination speech at the 2008 DNC.