2014 World Cup

The start of the English Premier League season means an opportunity for the England-based contingent of Americans Abroad
Tokyo (AFP) - Brazilian superstar Neymar's brain activity while dancing past opponents is less than 10 percent the level
Dempsey: There was a lot of leadership in the team in terms of experience, in terms of players like Tim Howard and Michael
If you remember flip books as a child, you're going to love this. Artist Stabilo ranked the top three goals of the 2014 World
A visibly despondent Messi received the trophy shortly after the final whistle at the Maracana sealed Germany's win. The
On Sunday, the country’s World Cup accomplishments continued after Germany took the top prize in a 1-0 win over Argentina
Major League Soccer's regular season is in full swing and runs through October before the start of the 2014 MLS Cup Playoffs
Aside from finalists Germany and Argentina, the tournament also witnessed admirable performances from Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and the Netherlands.
After 64 games and a record-tying 171 goals, the 2014 World Cup is over. Don't worry, football fans. You don't have to move