2015 oscars

And then the age of the Internet dawned and spawned new, yet less personal forms of keeping in touch. Now, we communicate with greater frequency than I had actually anticipated. And for this I am so grateful. But I want and need some quality time.
True diversity is more than a studio spotlighting a few black mega stars in big production movies and then back-patting itself for its efforts to make diversity a reality. It means implementing meaningful programs and initiatives.
"Jimmy Kimmel Live" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC. You have to admit, though, Angelina Jolie starring as Rosa Parks
Don't kid yourself. This is actually why you were glued to the screen.
7. 13. 9. 11. 3. 15. 5. 16. 10. 1. 4. 8. 14. 12. If you tuned into the 87th Academy Awards on Sunday night, you know these
BEST: Emmanuel Lubezki's second consecutive Best Cinematography win. The guy has shot what feels like every beautiful movie
When Julie Andrews showed up When Oprah didn't know WTF was happening And when Emma got one too When Kerry Washington busted
While Michael Keaton was, well, Michael Keaton: One of the haziest Best Picture races in recent memory has been settled: "Birdman
Take for instance the moment she learned she was "rich" from Neil Patrick Harris: Never change, Oprah. When John Legend and
Red can be a difficult gown color to pull off on the famed red carpet. Stars have to find the exact right hue to avoid melting
Do you have big dreams of someday gracing the Oscars stage to accept an award for a film you made? Turns out that making
Somebody has to distribute all that golden hardware at Sunday's Oscars. Last year's acting winners (Cate Blanchett, Matthew
"Whiplash" Directed and written by Damien Chazelle Starring Miles Teller, J.K. Simmons and Paul Reiser • "Miles Teller bleeds
Victor Rasuk as José Rodriguez in "Fifty Shades of Grey." “Do I want more Latino faces? Of course,” the actor added. “But
You've got 10 days until the Oscars, and you haven't quite managed to squeeze in viewings of all those Best Picture nominees
Birdman is obviously a work of art, and more than that, it's a comedy, a fact that Keaton, who started his career as a standup comedian in Pittsburgh, couldn't be happier about.
Fourth Row: Alexander Dinelaris, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, David Rosier, Bennett Miller, Reese Witherspoon, Anthony McCarten