2015 state of the union

This year, as we headed to the Capitol to do it all again, we took not just our cameras but also our in-house style expert
Watch more from HuffPost Live's State of the Union debriefing here. According to blogger Anushay Hussain, of Anushay'sPoint.com
The speech is, after all, called the State of the Union, not the State of the World. So perhaps President Barack Obama can be excused for dwelling on the American economy in his remarks Tuesday night, and all but ignoring the economic and political crises of the planet. There was lots of talk about how the U.S. has come back from the Great Recession, and about the president's plan (which the Republican-dominated Congress is likely to reject) to use new government programs and tax cuts to make up for the troubling stagnation of middle-class wages. But however assertive Obama was about the durability and creativity of the U.S. economy, he had little to say about global matters -- from economics to terrorism to the environment.
H/T Daily Caller Chris Matthews is not happy with Obama's brief swipe at cable news pundits during his State of the Union
More than anything, President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address signaled a fresh battle for the hearts and minds of America's beleaguered middle class -- and Republicans weren't having any of it.
With the U.S. job market on more solid footing, President Barack Obama used his State of the Union address Tuesday night to advance a philosophy he’s increasingly embraced over the past year -- that the federal government can and should raise baseline standards inside the American workplace.
According to the AP, more than two dozen lawmakers from both sides of the aisle rose to applaud Obama when he said he stood
Romney called Ernst's speech "concise, compelling, clear" in a tweet posted early Wednesday. In her speech, Ernst challenged
Obama drew attention in his speech to two other U.S. allies that may not be able to withstand security challenges. Afghan
Mitt Romney, Bush's potential rival for the backing of the GOP establishment in 2016, also was measured in his response, calling