2016 democratic debate

She addressed Madeleine Albright’s controversial comments during Thursday night’s debate.
Democrats, it's time to address reproductive rights at a debate.
Watch Bernie call out The Donald for his climate change "theory."
After a long commercial break, debate started without one of the Clinton on stage. But then, with Muir still talking, the audience cheered as Clinton strolled toward center stage. "Sorry," Clinton said, smiling sheepishly at her lectern.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned the GOP's rhetoric about Muslims in the United States, specifically calling out presidential candidate Donald Trump and his call to ban Muslims from entering the country:She also credited former President George W. Bush for cautioning the country against lashing out at Muslims after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
DES MOINES — In the hours after the deadly attacks in Paris, CBS News significantly reworked its plans for the Democratic
As Slate's Justin Peters noted: "I wish he could moderate all the debates."