2016 gop primary

Yes, Trump got the most GOP primary votes to date -- thanks to millions more voters and way more primaries.
If there is one place in this country where we know what a buffoon, charlatan, fraud, and phony Donald Trump is, it is right here in his hometown of New York City.
Bernie Sanders remains a contender for the Democratic nomination, while John Kasich hopes to help force a contested Republican convention.
If the GOP were to ignore the primary results and pick an establishment candidate as the nominee in a brokered convention, it will directly show the obvious -- that they couldn't care less about letting the people decide.
The big crowds in Iowa have a month to decide whether their support will translate to the voting booth.
Cruz is very smart -- no question about it. And he's extremely ambitious. That said, brains, boldness and eloquence don't necessarily translate into a great presidency or even a decent one.
Obama chuckled when asked to respond to Carson's assessment of the terrorist group.