2016 presidential campaign

DOJ expects to soon prosecute Assange, who has been living in London, reports The Wall Street Journal.
If you thought there was something a bit fishy about Trump’s glowing health report during the election - then you were right. The doctor who wrote it now alleges that the president dictated it to him.
President Trump has failed to live up to many of the things he promised during his inauguration.
After praising Trump repeatedly during the 2016 campaign, Sen. Bob Corker is now singing a different tune.
The Halloween-themed “Make America Great Again” hat is spooking the Internet.
Donald Trump’s former campaign manager may soon face a federal indictment in the Russia probe.
Trump’s former campaign manager may soon face a federal indictment in the Russia probe.
The former secretary of state says the president's daughter "should be judged and held accountable."
The special counsel is focusing on how much the president knew about his son's 2016 meeting, NBC reports.
"This totally undermines a six-month story from the White House."
Nunes is supposed to lead a credible investigation into Trump administration contacts with Russia.
"You cannot have somebody who was on the campaign and who is an appointee," the GOP congressman says.
The United States needs new campaign regulations that hold candidates to truth telling, tax disclosure, and financial requirements
Today more than ever, love is in order. As an Iranian-American Muslim woman of color living with a disability, I grieve for our country given the results of the latest presidential election.
There's no question that in last night's vice presidential debate, Virginia senator Tim Kaine missed an opportunity to slam Indiana governor Mike Pence on the issue that put Pence, infamously, at the center of national attention in 2015: his signing of a draconian anti-LGBT "religious liberty' bill into law.