2016 primary

Hopefully, young people can learn from our mistakes and accept the task of rebuilding the credibility of our political system because regardless of your political persuasion, you must admit that "The Party Is Over" until a new group of leaders takes control.
Kristol won't admit it during one of his many television appearances, but his recruitment of French tells us all we need to know about his stewardship of the #NeverTrump movement: it has been a colossal disaster.
Ironically, as pundits ask the traditionally reasonable question, "What do white working class males see in Trump?" Their egregious demographic-speak calls out the very cultural divide they seek to explain. In fact, these Trump voters are not likely to be self-defining as "working class white men."
The GOP primary saw more national surveys online and more live phone surveys of Iowa and New Hampshire.
Trump defied expectations to become the presumptive nominee. Can he do it again?