2016 republican candidates

"We won't see a presidential candidate like Bernie again in our lifetimes." As I heard these words, spoken by a woman at a Sanders campaign event recently, I felt a chill go through me. Because I knew she was right. We won't.
What is the effluvium spurting from that white head? It's Trumple's economically and socially illiterate assertion that minorities and immigrants are the cause of income disparity in this country.
I am hoping to see LGBTQ Republicans publicly bring to the fore how being anti-LGBTQ in 2015 is a huge political liability for any Republican candidate, especially one seeking the highest office in the land.
So here's the takeaway to all you politicians who demonize Muslim Americans in order to play to the prejudices of your base voters. Don't come courting us in October. We're gone. If you can make up those millions of votes elsewhere, good luck to you. You have acted at your peril.
Republican futility is fueled by vapid intellectual disdain exhibited towards vision, wisdom, and long-term thinking, and a rejection of the foundational tenets of scientific inquiry. Unfortunately, we have long relied upon a vibrant and conscientious two-party system that is today absent.
While the media is currently having lots of fun asking their hypothetical "gotcha" question over a non-existent Muslim candidate, the possibility that Bernie Sanders could become America's first Jewish president should be a valid topic for conversation in the midst of this campaign.
A deep concern is why so many in our present American culture can't see through a bullying charade and aren't repulsed by it. The disrespect and disdain Trump propounds against women is way beyond the pale. It has no place in front of a live microphone.
Dr. Carson's description of evolution makes it fairly obvious that working on other people's brains has had little effect on his. His attitude towards the struggling immigrant makes it obvious he spent no time working on hearts.