2016 United States presidential election

The journalist claims in his new book that the Enquirer's top editor ordered staffers to destroy sensitive Trump-linked documents before the 2016 election.
The president has enlisted parts of the U.S. government and key allies in the pursuit of unproven or disproven conspiracy theories, some incubated in the dark corners of the internet.
A report from the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee says that Russian trolls celebrated success on election night 2016.
An eight-page letter to House leaders, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said that the White House will not cooperate with the inquiry into President Trump's actions.
The president appeared to openly ask another foreign government to influence an American election, even as he is investigated for a similar request to Ukraine.
A wounded president who lost the popular vote is seeking foreign help to validate himself and attack his enemies.
"And some of the hospital staff are trying to smother it with a pillow," warns Walter Shaub.
The president sought Russian aid in the 2016 election — and got away with it. Now he’s asking Ukraine to do the same thing.
Mason faces five years in prison for casting a provisional ballot in the 2016 election.
The case relates to media disclosures about the Clinton Foundation during the 2016 election.
Progressives who backed the Vermont senator in the 2016 presidential race have lots more options this time -- like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who's inching up in polls.
Sen. Chuck Schumer called inaction by Congress a “disgrace” and pledged to keep pushing for votes.
Former special counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress on Wednesday regarding his investigation into the 2016 election and obstruction of justice.
Trump, his staff and his allies are trying to equate their actions in the 2016 campaign with that of a former British intelligence officer who helped the FBI break the FIFA scandal.
The "Baywatch" actress claimed the WikiLeaks founder's opponents were simply angry over the 2016 presidential election.
He also announced he would resign and the special counsel's office would close. He said he has no plans to testify before Congress.
It will be Mueller's first public statement on the probe into the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian interference in the election.
The president's comments echo similar attacks he and his allies made against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election.
But the radio host was unsuccessful with his "all-out campaign" to interview the then-Democratic candidate on his show before the 2016 election.
The president's son-in-law claimed Tuesday the investigation into Russian efforts harmed democracy more than the Russian efforts themselves.