With nearly 40,000 people killed with firearms last year, America has reached a grim new milestone.
The number of hate crimes reported to the FBI in 2017 rose by 17 percent.
From bizarre handshakes to “sick puppy” dictators to microwaves turning into cameras, 2017 has been weird.
Cross-posted from TomDispatch.com Let’s start with the universe and work our way in. Who cares? Not them because as far as
Aside from politics, these were some of the worst events that happened in 2017.
Shameless cover-ups, unbelievable denials and, of course, our liar-in-chief.
And the Women’s March in D.C. was the most attended Facebook event of 2017.
The Rock Werchter Festival from Belgium has won the Best Major Festival Award at this year's European Festival Awards.
Dutch pop punk band Call It Off plays the song Scream Your Heart Out. This session was recorded in the Gibson Bus during
Sottish singer songwriter Be Charlotte plays the song Think It. This session was recorded in the Gibson Bus during Eurosonic
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