2017 Las Vegas shooting

Slide Fire Solutions wants money from shooter Stephen Paddocks's estate to settle a class-action suit against the company. But assets are set to go to victims.
Niko House, who won the Hawaii Democrat's recent donor challenge, also believes Bill Cosby was framed and that "Pizzagate" is real.
The president had called for the devices to be outlawed following several mass shootings.
A lone gunman killed 58 people and wounded more than 600 others last year.
“I do this as a gun owner and a proud supporter of the Second Amendment," Sen. Mark Warner wrote.
Authorities in Las Vegas say they cannot "definitively" determine Stephen Paddock's motive in the Oct. 1 mass shooting.
A lawyer for the victims slammed the legal maneuver, saying Mandalay Bay's negligence permitted the gunman to prepare his attack.
The campaign organization said Democrats should focus on offering thoughts and prayers.