2019 Hong Kong protests

The president's eldest son called the honor a "marketing gimmick" and said it should have gone to Hong Kong protesters.
Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators crammed into Hong Kong's streets in a mass show of support.
The doctored image shows the president's face superimposed over the ripped body of fictional boxing champ Rocky Balboa.
The president approved the legislation despite threats of retaliation from Beijing.
"We hear you, we continue to stand with you, and we will not stand idly by," Sen. Marco Rubio, a co-sponsor of one of the bills, said.
“We’ve been trapped here for too long. We need all Hong Kongers to know we need help,” said a 19-year-old protester on the Polytechnic University campus.
The violence has posed the gravest popular challenge to Chinese President Xi Jinping since he came to power in 2012.
The Los Angeles Lakers forward chastised the Houston Rockets general manager and his comments supporting pro-democracy Hong Kong protesters.
Continued Hong Kong protests, Thai fish and a hot air balloon photo shoot round out this week's best images.