President Donald Trump won’t stop joking about staying in office for a third term, going so far as printing up Trump 2024 campaign signs.
One North Carolina congressional district is getting a do-over months after major voter fraud invalidated the results of a 2018 midterm election.
Comedian Phoebe Robinson, who skyrocketed to fame with “2 Dope Queens” on HBO, sat down with HuffPost’s Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to chat about her next major project — being the boss of her own production company with ABC Studios.
Sen. Susan Collins told Politico that she is “sad” that her support for Brett Kavanaugh could cost her votes in her upcoming election.
President Donald Trump used his latest rally to trash Democrat-run cities, including Baltimore, Los Angeles and Chicago.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders took to the stage for the first night of the second Democratic presidential debates and left voters excited for what is coming next.
Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are the health care champions that many disabled Americans need, the Hulu actor says.
"The Late Show" host dished some all-American advice for the Democratic hopefuls.
Here we go again … late night hosts watched President Donald Trump’s reelection rally and they were bored by his same old, same old.
President Donald Trump used his 2020 reelection rally to attack democrats and the Mueller investigation.
An investigation from the Center of Public Integrity found that President Donald Trump’s campaign has yet to pay back cities, including El Paso, Texas, for providing security at rallies.
In an exclusive interview with ABC News, President Donald Trump revealed that if the situation arose, he would accept foreign information on his 2020 opponent.
President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden used their Iowa rallies to get personal about each other.
Presidential candidate Joe Biden is still joking about inappropriately touching women.
President Donald Trump’s campaign is using its own funds to rent office space — in New York’s Trump Tower.
Former Vice President Joe Biden is running for president of the United States.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has proposed a plan that would tax the wealthy to help rid students of debt.
Pete Buttigieg announced he is joining the crowded presidential race.
As Democratic presidential candidates look to make a headstart with heartland voters, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-V.T.) met with HuffPost in Iowa to outline his vision for rural America.
Health care and the Affordable Care Act are revving up to be key deciding factors in the 2020 presidential election.