2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries

The 2020 Democratic nominee went after the president again and again during a CNN town hall over his "totally irresponsible" handling of COVID-19.
The congresswoman has urged the presumptive Democratic nominee for "true partnership with survivors and advocates."
The group, A Future to Believe In, wants to ensure that voters energized by the Vermont senator's ideals stay that way with the presumptive Democratic nominee.
The senator’s campaign said he was “still running for president” and plans to be at the next match-up with Joe Biden.
The former vice president remained in a close race with Bernie Sanders for hours after polls closed.
Democratic candidates usually downplay their wealth and focus on getting money out of politics. Not Bloomberg.
“I don’t want to encourage them,” one Trump voter said about casting a ballot in South Carolina's Democratic primary.
Seven Democratic presidential hopefuls face off in South Carolina for the 10th Democratic debate.
After disastrous Iowa caucuses, the candidates face even more pressure ahead of the New Hampshire primary next week.
The newspaper shocked with two notable endorsements just weeks before the Iowa caucus, the first Democratic primary vote.