2024 election

The "Betrayal" author broke down why reporting on a third Trump run for president would be “tremendously challenging."
Stern even gamed out how he would handle the debates.
The former New Jersey governor warns the party about Trump's talking points.
Tim Miller calls on Republicans to "show some balls" and work against the former president now, while there's still time.
"Elections are about winning," the Louisiana Republican said.
“We’ve got to make this the most pressing issue for Americans.”
The former president suggested Republicans won't vote in 2022 or 2024 unless the so-called "Presidential Election Fraud of 2020" is solved.
“Catastrophe is in the front room. The weather forecast includes the apocalypse," warned Michael Gerson.
One MSNBC host issued a warning about the 2024 election if Republicans gain control of the House of Representatives and Donald Trump runs for office again.
“We are in the midst of a rolling coup,” he warned before explaining the GOP's end game to subvert the 2024 election.
Adam Laxalt, who is running with Trump’s backing, is also already saying he might challenge the outcome of his own race if he loses.
Billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin told Bloomberg, "It’s time for America to move on."
Just "like I would beat everyone else," the 2020 loser bragged.
"I’d much rather be a friend and a supporter than an employee," Spicer told Mediaite.
Speaking of doctors, Trump added that he did "pretty much the opposite" of everything Fauci told him to do to fight COVID-19.
"He cannot stomach the notion of being a two-time loser, but he will continue to grift until the very last second."
The House speaker also mocked Trump for the history-making way he’ll be remembered if he runs for president again in 2024.
The former president also hinted to Newsmax host Sean Spicer that he may run for the presidency in 2024.
The former first lady is telling friends she has no interest in returning to the White House, according to CNN.