2024 election

The president’s choice is likely to rule the day with DNC members and disappoint New Hampshire and Nevada.
The billionaire was asked about the Florida governor after tweeting that he wants someone "sensible and centrist" in 2024.
Trump was the first Republican to announce his 2024 presidential bid — but he'll soon be joined by Trump wannabes and people who've said he’s a “f***ing loser.”
And the Justice Department "probably" has what it needs to "legitimately indict" him, says the former attorney general in the Trump administration.
Lara Trump received an awkward reality check about her father-in-law from Fox Business' Stuart Varney.
“If it makes you gag, get used to it,” joked Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe.
An old insult from the 2016 campaign trail comes back to haunt the former president.
The servile Republican praised the former president's "tone" and drew ridicule on Twitter.
It's probably not the answer the ex-president had in mind.
The newspaper's front page hit the former president with some blasts from the past after he announced his 2024 run for the White House.