2024 elections

Stuart Varney, once a loyal defender of the former president, criticized Trump on multiple fronts.
"This is serious business," he said about his former boss’ efforts to be reinstalled as president after losing the 2020 election.
The Alaska Republican called Trump's suggestion to rip up portions of the Constitution "an affront to our Republic."
Donald Trump's daughter-in-law will no longer be a paid contributor at the network after his 2024 announcement.
It could mean a more diverse electorate — and, for candidates, learning to eat a different kind of hot dog.
Maryland's term-limited Republican governor is fueling speculation that he's likely to run for president in a growing anti-Trump lane.
Democrats celebrating a successful effort to keep control of the U.S. Senate this year will soon confront a 2024 campaign that could prove more challenging.
“It’s Donald Trump versus Donald Trump and one of the people who can beat Donald Trump is Donald Trump," said Mick Mulvaney.
The former vice president couldn't bring himself to say he still believes what he said in praise of Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention.
It's short-sighted to assume that Donald Trump's time has come and gone. Those who loved his deplorable politics still do. And cults don't just die overnight.