2024 olympics

The presidential nomination of former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has received extraordinary attention across the globe. That heightened awareness has brought into focus how well other women - particularly in Asia - have done in terms of rising to political leadership.
They're aiming to become the only city besides London to ever host the Olympics three times.
Los Angeles turned a profit hosting the 1984 Olympics. It might be tougher this time around.
The collapse of Boston's Olympic effort highlights fundamental problems in the bidding process that could continue to plague cities that want to host.
No word yet on whether there will be a replacement.
He says he won't sign a contract that forces taxpayers to cover Olympic cost overruns.
Tokyo's Olympic woes highlight risks for Boston and other cities considering future bids.
Those of us who call Boston home understand why it has progressed so far in the selection process. It has a great sports tradition. It can fulfill its promise in a timely and efficient manner. Yet, the people of Boston are still not sure whether it is a good idea to host the Olympics.
Boston, which has never hosted an Olympics, was announced as the surprise pick over two-time host Los Angeles, San Francisco
Will an African city host the Olympic Games in 2024? A recent report contends that South Africa will be stepping forward to compete by offering Durban as her bid city.