21st Century Fox

Longtime “Simpsons” showrunner Al Jean celebrated Disney's takeover of Fox with a tweet showing Mickey Mouse's run-in with Homer and Bart Simpson.
Like President Donald Trump, Fox News frequently offers up incendiary and sometimes false attacks on Democrats and other liberal figures.
Sources tell HuffPost that Guilfoyle, who is dating Donald Trump Jr., engaged in emotionally abusive behavior and showed colleagues personal photos of male genitalia.
The Fox assets have been the subject of a bidding war between Comcast and Disney.
"Modern Family" showrunner Steve Levitan says he's taking his business elsewhere.
MacFarlane's shows "Family Guy," "American Dad!" and "The Orville" have all been on the Fox network.
Fox Networks Group said it was cooperating with the EC inspection.
White House adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on "Fox & Friends" to talk about the Super Bowl.
Brian Kilmeade just told viewers he doesn't get a flu shot -- and that's incredibly irresponsible.
The move is motivated by Trump "continually, relentlessly damning the press," the veteran newsman said.
Democrats just want to sabotage his dad, Eric Trump told Fox News.
"If you’re at a bar, and you’re from Wisconsin, and you’re thinking, ‘They’re bringing in a bunch of Haiti people' ... This is how some people talk.”
Some members think the decision smacks of censorship.
Tucker Carlson's simple avatar of oppressed whites in America is embarrassing.
With his attacks on the press, Donald Trump is hoping to undermine the truth and indoctrinate his followers.
The president told the media he signed the GOP tax bill after watching TV because he "didn’t want you folks to say that I wasn’t keeping my promise."
The network is "in a war" trying to shield the president from the Russia probe, the broadcast veteran says.