21st century gi bill

Maybe he cares so little about learning about what the GI Bill is, because he cares so little about veterans. Most of the money he raised "for veterans," when he bailed on a Republican debate, still hasn't been given to veterans' groups.
In 2012, more than $8 billion in government support for eligible veterans was paid out to colleges and universities around the country. You might assume by this staggering number that veterans education is a huge success. But a tuition bill doesn't equal a degree.
Academia attracts few veterans. School officials across the state seem at a loss on how to implement the somewhat vague plan, disinterested in implementation or totally unaware that a plan even exists.
Administrators, faculty, counselors and staff should be prepared to manage the unique challenges that veteran students face as they transition out of the military and into higher education.
Service members hoping to get financial aid to further their education will be out of luck as the Army's Tuition Assistance program becomes the latest casualty of budget cuts.
When times get tough, people start to take desperate measures. In a tough economy, companies seek ways to get a guaranteed dollar -- even if it involves duping our nation's heroes.