Technology has always changed the way we do creative work, and it will continue its impact on creativity long after the technologies we name here are a normal part of everyday life.
Ten years, eight months. That's how long I've been an academic librarian. And, still, I love what I do.
It's not every day you see nature photography quite like this.
Walking on water is hard. Unless, of course, your 3-D floors make it look like you're walking on water.
What do you get when you mix twenty-something Lebanese talent, animation, and a market hungry for high-end 3-D fun?
“Seeing the [scanning electron micrograph] of the curved membrane with the denticles was a great moment for us.” The paper
Arriving on stage just before 8 p.m. at the glorious United Palace Theater in Washington Heights, the robots came alive as
This is not the fireside chat in the comfort of the interviewee's home. We are joined in the studio by a host of graphic and natural language scientists, multiple interviewers and producers frantically scribbling notes.
Smurfs 2 has it all: gorgeously-lensed Parisian locales, groovy music, high adventure, magic wands, freaky spells, an intrepid mallard, numerous dubious puns -- plus, of course, our eponymous little blue friends, three apples tall. It's fast, funny and full-on zany.