30 for 30

Selling all the bad parts of pro football didn't work, but it was a "fun failure."
An exclusive clip from ESPN's upcoming film "Doc & Darryl."
Prosecutor Mike Nifong's actions stained the legal system.
“Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aukau" is heart-wrenching and inspiring. It features never before seen photographs and an
How long did it take you to put together all the research and interviews into a finished film? It took me almost a year to
Skipper told the New York Times that while there was no formal policy against talent returning to the network, it is a tough
Almost every day, I receive a phone call from one of my professional athlete clients, who have a cousin, parent, or friend from high school in need of financial assistance, believing that this athlete has an opportunity, or an obligation, to support them with whatever is needed financially.
I recently spoke with Hoop Dreams director Steve James about his new film, his involvement in the ESPN series "30 by 30," and why his films tend to focus on the sports world.
Steve James, director of the new film No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson on ESPN, stopped by The Interview Show.
This interview continues on my website. Klores made the film as part of ESPN's 30 for 30 series of one-hour sports documentaries