30 Minutes or Less

This family dinner dish only takes 30 MINUTES and ONE POT to make! This ultimate comforting and cheesy meal is so much easier than making a conventional lasagna. After you try this version you will never need another lasagna recipe!
Luckily for you, these satisfying and flavorful dinners take minimal time and effort.
Many of us are pressed for time when it comes to putting dinner on the table during the week. But you don't have to turn
At first glance, you wouldn't think actors Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari would have much, if anything, to do with surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, or any other sport involving a board. Truth is, they don't.
Though many may compare him to fellow actor Michael Cera, make no mistake about it, twenty-seven year old Jesse Eisenberg
The thing about Aziz Ansari's character, Chet, is that being Indian is not even a minor part of Chet's character. In fact, the role of Chet could've been played by an actor of any race -- and that's what I find exciting.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes sailed into the weekend with 80-plus percent positive rating from Rotten Tomatoes, while The Change-Up could only manage a positive rating in the low 20s.
Aziz shared his thoughts on when people are mature enough to have kids -- namely, never. "16 And Pregnant" was the target
Find more reviews, interviews and commentary on my website. Jesse Eisenberg is miscast as Nick, a slacker who smokes dope
In 2003, pizza delivery man Brian Wells was killed when a metal bomb collar he was wearing exploded. Wells was reportedly
Ansari, who got his start in New York's alternative comedy scene, has steadily risen to fame over the last seven years thanks
Jesse Eisenberg is about to get Winklvii'ed. We're excited to be the first to hear that he will star in Richard Ayoade's
Watch the interviews below to see how the comedians handle it. What do Aziz Ansari, Jesse Eisenberg, Nick Swardson and Danny