Against all odds, this "300" prank conquered the world.
I have family that has dedicated their life in state jobs helping people, I know the need, and don't agree that to help one the other has to be ignored. At a time when Baltimore City youth needs more help than ever, Governor Hogan made it clear that those needs are not a priority.
I've decided that CG blood absolutely denotes something different than the splatter that comes from exploding blood bags, the old-school method of spraying a fake version of the fluid of life.
Now if only there were about three hundred more 300's. Maybe not in blood and gore but movies with kick-ass women from ancient Persia and Greece. Then, more people would surely get what has so captivated me about Amytis, Cassandane, and Atossa. Um... who, you ask?
The much-anticipated sequel to 300 has finally come to theaters, bringing with it a deluge of slow-mo kills, story, and naval tactics. As with any film, there are good and bad elements and as such, I find myself still walking the fence between Like/Dislike.
What if movie trailers quoted YouTube comments instead of critics? YouTube comments can be some of the funniest "pieces of
So you don't even know how good you are in this yet, do you? Oh, I don't like watching myself. But thank you for the kind
A tidal wave of warriors' blood turns the sea a dark crimson red. War! Greeks against Persians. Only the courageous will survive to fight another day. Who will be the victors in this mythological tale of revenge and power?
With "300: Rise of an Empire," this is the first time you've produced a movie and not also directed the movie. Is that odd
It's not entirely clear who was cooking at Qesem Cave. A study published about three years ago in the American Journal of
Zack Snyder widens his view as a director with Man of Steel, taking a proclivity for creating startling images in the service of storytelling and using it to enlarge and expand the action.
This. Is. Still Sparta. Warner Bros. released the first trailer for "300: Rise of an Empire" on Wednesday night, just under
The Sword & Sandal movie -- known for its gladiatorial games, pagan orgies, depraved emperors, and the occasional snarling cyclops -- may represent the most colorful and enduring movie genre of all time.
Using action heroes and noted conservatives such as Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone
Miller then implores protestors to join the military, or otherwise, to go "back to your mommas' basements and play with your
The future of Greece may be in doubt these days, but its past is looking pretty good to Warner Bros. Insiders tell Vulture
In the interests of full disclosure, I haven't read Holy Terror. In good conscience, to plunk down money in support of such an endeavor, even if only for "research" purposes.