3d gun

So far, the Grizzly's growl is worse than its bite, but that may soon change. The second version of the 3D-printed rifle
Read more at Fox News. Unfortunately, everything that the DHS worries about in this bulletin is more or less true. 3D-printed
Three different types of 3D-printed shotgun slugs are fired in the video. The first bullet goes straight through a wooden
Read the whole story at Forbes. "I'm not an anarchist," Joe tells Forbes, "but I don’t like the idea that the government
The government's move came just days after the "Liberator," as the gun is known, was first successfully fired on Sunday, and
The horror of 3D printed guns stands in sharp contrast to some of the more amazing benefits 3D printing could bring, including
Cody Wilson planned in the coming weeks to make and test a 3-D printed pistol. Now those plans have been put on hold as desktop