3d printed guns

Wilson sparked controversy after creating the world's first fully 3D-printed gun and sharing the blueprint online.
Wilson, 30, fled to Taiwan to avoid being charged with sexual assault. The Taiwanese authorities sent him back to America.
He'll likely be deported to the U.S., where he'll face a charge of sexually assaulting a minor.
The NRA says 3D-printed firearms are no big deal, but the group has quietly gotten behind a campaign to destroy gun control efforts once and for all.
Amid a last-minute bid by states to prevent the spread of untraceable firearms, a company has released plans for seven 3D-printed guns, including an AR-15.
They're making a last-ditch effort to stop a Texas-based company from releasing downloadable models for plastic guns on Aug. 1.
When Congress passed the Undetectable Firearms Act in 1988 and renewed it in 2003, plastic guns "were only a theory," said
The kicker is that there may not be much the government can do about it. "Limiting access may be impossible," the bulletin
These bullets are fairly simple and fast to make. In the video, Heeszel says it took about an hour to print the first slug
The Lulz Liberator is scary for a few reasons. First of all, it is ridiculously cheap. It cost $25 to print on Joe's $1,725
Bill Maher On 3D Printed Guns
The government's move came just days after the "Liberator," as the gun is known, was first successfully fired on Sunday, and
On the national level, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Congressman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) are pushing measures similar
A fascinating documentary produced by Motherboard tracks the evolution of the 3D printed gun movement, which was spearheaded