3D printer

Recently I've become totally obsessed with all of people's attempts to 3D-print chocolate. It seems so illogical and yet
3D printing takes hours, so you need patience as it prints. Setting up the miniMaker so you get good quality prints takes
You may recall that late last year, a breakthrough in manufacturing occurred a few hundred miles above the Earth. After having
What would be the meaning of an "original work" tomorrow if the copy is identical to the original and if being provided with an off-the-shelf technical device is sufficient to reproduce the original? Why would the original be more expensive than the copy? How is it possible to insure effectively against fakes?
Comic conventions these days can sometimes feel weighed down by big corporate conglomerates. What began 50 years ago as hundreds of fans trading comic books in a hotel suite are now high-profile events with massive displays and presentations .
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Amazon.com Inc will offer 3D printing services that allow customers to customize and build earrings
While a MakerBot can, in theory, churn out many of the same items that people go to Home Depot to buy, the retailer doesn't
French digital artist Gilles Azzaro turned soundwave into sculpture when he 3D printed a sprawling visualization of Barack
"For complicated organs -- for example, if the heart fails -- then you need a pacemaker. The pacemaker runs with batteries