3d technology

With some specialized headsets and cameras, it's now possible to beam someone's 3D image to another location in real time.
A new virtual reality project allows users to explore an expanded replica of the Bat Cave as it appeared in the early 1990s
The transition to 3D customer service is inevitable because there is so much experiential value-add that it can provide.
While much of this industry feels futuristic, the reality is that 3D printing is very real, and will very much become the norm of human existence.
The collection was displayed at the Museum of African Design in Johannesburg for a few days last week as part of an exhibit
"Printing" a building out of layers of lunar soil could be much easier and cheaper than bringing the whole structure from
It's not just cinema that has been revolutionized by 3D technology. From advertising to retail to design, the third dimension is changing the way we interact with the world forever.
Per the video description from the MicrosoftResearch YouTube channel: Take a look at our slideshow (below) to see the coolest
Check out photos from the Norma Kamali boutique below and watch her latest 3D film: New and different it is indeed, as Norma
The eternal question asked when anyone hears you've been to CES is: "So -- what did you see that was cool?!" I'm always more impressed by the less-flashy products, that operate in a way that simplify the way people actually work and live.