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I remember being at the radio station doing my morning show when my cohost asked me about my divorce. On air. I wanted to kill him because he knew that it was a touchy subject for me and I was still holding onto the embarrassment, the failure that comes with it. I answered his questions apprehensively while my armpits began to sweat profusely!
Living a life fueled by fear is not healthy or sustainable. At some point, something has to give and often the first thing to be affected is our physical well-being. There simply has to be more to a life well lived than years of anxiety followed by illness and an inability to enjoy any of the trimmings that our burn out has paid for.
That's where practice comes in. Before you meet someone, remind yourself that you're going to really focus on listening, Rawlins
Ian Dickerson always heard his father when he spoke about helping those in the world who can’t help themselves, but he didn’t
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Growing up, Ed White spent relatively little time with his father, who worked in a power plant, climbing from engineer to vice president. His dad put in long hours, leaving early in the morning and coming home late. After dinner, he would read the newspaper, then do more work.
Chrissy, a 33-year-old mother of two toddler-age boys (who asked that only her first name be used in this story), said her
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Like anything else, Time Alignment is a skill that needs to be developed in order to improve but like a skill, the more you
Brilliant people too often will get fed up with the demands of and pressure of working in the traditional way and can't see how to make it all work and be happy. If companies want to keep these people in their business then big changes are required.