Ever wonder why everyone refers to April 4th as 4/20? Well, it's the one thing you should know for today.
It's about time. To celebrate 4/20, Comedy Central conjured an app that summons stoner-comic Cheech Marin to deliver weed
We've rounded up a handful of trippy drug scenes that can accompany the herbal remedies you enjoy on Easter Sunday (or 4
Kentucky's hemp bill, Senate Bill 50, became law in April and allows Bluegrass State farmers to grow industrial hemp for
"No one's ever been able to come up with any use of 420 that predates the 1971 usage, which they had established. So unless
5. FEDERAL RAIDS DOWN: The number of marijuana plants eradicated by law enforcement has dropped from a record high of more
Some people think that only marijuana users should worry about the impact of our marijuana laws. In truth, we all pay for the enormous costs of enforcing marijuana prohibition.
According to a new survey from the Pew Research Center for the first time a majority of nationwide support for legalizing marijuana: 52 percent now back legalized pot, compared with 45 percent who oppose it. Lucia Graves joins Abby from DC to discuss.
The latest poll also found the percentage of people who say they have used marijuana in the past year (roughly 1 in 10) or
Chief Federal Magistrate Maria-Elena James ruled that it is the role of the government -- not Harborside's landlords -- to